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HighStick, efficient compact High Bay industrial LED fixture

HighStick satisfy high bay requirements for industrial purposes as well as illumination needs for work places, tool workstations where precise work is provided and high intensity above 1000 lux is needed. HighStick utilizes most recent LED technology. It introduces simple design high IP rate (on request), Analog, PWM or DALI interfaces for energy consumption reduction. Fixture involves 20 W FuturoLighting LED modules. Company offers different types of CCT, CRI including high CRI types for special industrial purposes like coating, painting inspection lines and others. High Stick can be suspended or attached mounted in indoor or outdoor environment. The fixture housing is made of aluminium, which is naturally anodized offering robust environmental resistance. It has high efficiency (above 100 lm/W) and requires NO maintenance other than regular dusting/cleaning during whole product life. We offer various types from LV (low voltage 48VDC) to 230 VAC distribution network including various control interfaces.