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Lighting Shelf, just 12 mm thick !

Lighting shelf there is nothing new, but this novel concept introduces implementation of high power light to glass shelf thick only 12 mm with antiglaring. Due to recent LED technology, above 1600 lm / meter can be easily achieved @ 4000K CCT. LEDs are assembled on metal core modules with length of 250mm, thus there is possibility to build customized shelves from 260 mm to 2010 mm long. Involved edge lighting principle creates nice diffusion light, suitable for living rooms and all places where high visual comfort is on the first place. The main application area for this product is illumination of living rooms, hotels, restaurants and in many others. Shown example below present 1,7 m long and 25 cm deep shelf with power DC consumption of 30W, giving out 3000 lm from LED modules. This is customized product we can offer in various lengths.