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Design Street Lighting solution for modern cities

StreetStick, is characterized by simple minimalistic design as also its name describes the shape of the fixture. Fixture is formed in a piece of aluminium stick. It has implemented two 20W FuturoLighting LED modules equipped with 12x high power LEDs per module. There are three street optics available. Thermal tests has shown excellent thermal dissipation across the fixture body reaching hot spot at 43°C at Ta=25°C. Fixture body has dimensions of 800 x 100 x20 mm and weight of 6 kg. It emits over 4000 lm with CCT of 4000 or 5000 K and CRI above 70 (other CCTs on request). The whole fixture is made of aluminium, which is naturally anodized and offers robust environmental resistance. This fixture is designed to be used especially for ME4 and ME5 class streets, and many other applications including, walking, bicycle roads, parks and many others. It reaches high efficiency (above 100 lm/W) and offers long life above 100K hours. StreetStick requires NO maintenance other than regular dusting/cleaning during whole product life. Serviceable SMPS (switching mode power supply) can be replaced easily without need to touch the fixture, because is located at the bottom of the pole. To keep low costs and high quality product without affecting design, user can select from various fixed joints ranging from 0°to 15° (in 5°decrements, measured to vertical axis). Due to used installation principle multipole installation requires only single SMPS according to number of fixtures, thus decreasing installation costs for such multi pole systems (2, 3 or 4 fixtures on single pole) extending its usage for higher road classes. Fixtures can be powered by various power supplies (check recommended power supplies in document section) including controlling systems, 2DIM, 4DIM, PLC, two phase dimming control, midnight detection for energy saving, RF grid for diagnostic and other fixtures control according to customer requirements