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Record DoorBell
Record DoorBell Record DoorBell Record DoorBell Record DoorBell Record DoorBell
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Your doorbells can say a lot about your home. If it's a high-pitched, light and airy ding that means you are entering a happy home. The Record DoorBell is completely customizable chime, meaning you can play any your doorbell desires like your own sound effects, audio clips, speeches and more. How does it work? Connect appropriate AC or DC adapter to your Record Door Bell and record your own sound creation by using implemented microphone. After recording is finished attach Record DoorBell to a wall and simple connect 2.1 mm DC plug, previously installed on existing door bell wiring, to Record DoorBell.

The Record DoorBell has 8 different volume settings. The actual volume setting is stored in non-volatile memory thus keeping this setting during electricity glitches and outages. The Record DoorBell is powered from central doorbell transformer, which reduces line voltage 230 V (110 V) to value around 8-16 V AC. If your flat does not have this transformer, one can be purchased at any hardware store. Another possibility how to supply Record DoorBell is using wall mount adapter with AC output 8-16 V. However Record Door bell can be installed by your own, in case of missing doorbell transformer (houses, and flats without central doorbell transformer) we straightly recommend having qualified electrician perform this installation.
Note: Record Door bell was designed for pre-wired, low voltage doorbell systems with two wire installation, but it can be used in almost any flat or house. For detailed installation instructions please refer to the Record DoorBell manual. Advantages of the Record DoorBell are summarized below.

  • Up to 25 seconds sound storage (single record)
  • Long life of custom records
  • Light indication during ringing
  • 100 mm laud speaker for appropriate sound reproduction
  • Recording of your own sounds and speeches using an implemented microphone without need of computer
  • Electronic volume control with 8 volume steps
  • Volume setting is stored during electricity outages
  • Easy two wire electrical installation, ideal for direct replacement of solenoid doorbells in apartments
  • Supply voltage range from 7.5 up to 22 V AC
  • Low standby current
  • Available to use any DC wall mount adapter with voltages from 9 to 27 V, during recording and playing of your sound creations
  • Robust construction
  • Completely hand made

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